Two weeks in…

Well, the girls and I have been in Lubbock a little over two weeks now. In some ways it feels like we just got here, but in others it feels WAY longer. I can’t lie – I miss everything about Abilene. My friends, my church, the schools my girls went to…did I mention my friends? And, obviously, it’s been hard being away from James. We have enjoyed our many phone calls to him, but we are loving having him here this weekend! I don’t think I’ve ever seen my girls as excited as they were when he pulled up in the driveway.

Kaitlyn has adjusted pretty well to her school here – which is the same Elementary school that I went to. WEIRD. The first day I dropped her off I cried for a good, long while.  But, in typical Kaitlyn style – she was totally fine when I picked her up that afternoon. I thank God for blessing her with such an outgoing personality. Cora, Claire and I have enjoyed lots of games at home, going to the park when the weather finally got warmer, story time at the library (which is WAY better here than Abilene), and even a few play dates with some friends! My parents took us to a Disney Road Show that was super fun! Cora and Claire are slightly obsessed with Mickey Mouse right now -so they loved it! I didn’t know many of the other Disney characters would be there, but Cora about fell out of her seat when she saw Cinderella. I wasn’t sure how much Kaitlyn would like it, but she REALLY enjoyed it too!

I am hoping to get C and C in a Mother’s Day out program one day a week soon. We’ve tried a couple of new churches and all three of them just march right in their Bible classes like they own the place. Seriously. I’m so thankful for those girls. I am also meeting with someone from the Nursing School at Covenant here on Thursday. I’m hoping to get a plan mapped out to start that as soon as possible with a part time job to fit around it. Change is good. We are ready to all be here together, but James and I are so excited to think about the possibilities to come. James is trucking right along in Abilene. He takes the GMAT on Friday and has been studying so hard!

I know I said that I had funny stories about the move in my last post, but unfortunately I only remember one of them. James and I were both kind of nervous to tell Kaitlyn about our transition to Lubbock. We chose our words carefully, and the tone of our voices even MORE carefully! We told her like it was going to be an adventure, she would get to go to the same school Mommy went too, get to meet new friends, etc, etc. You could just tell she was letting each word that we said completely soak in. SO many different expressions went across that girls face. She didn’t say much at first (which made me a little nervous). So, I asked her if she had any questions about anything and after thinking for a minute she asked, “Will my new teacher have a long name or a short name?”

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.



  1. kara s Said:

    we already miss you here, but i’m so glad that the transition for you and the girls is going well! the boys still pray for you almost every night, and they ask if you are still ‘in yubbuck wif her mommy and daddy’. next time we drive through, they will be SO excited to see you!

  2. I am sure the adjustment here has been really hard. You look like a champ, though, and your kids are so AMAZING to do so well.

    Just think, your time in L town will fly by.

    And the Bachelor has the The Women Tell All this week, which means you need to come over.

  3. courtney e. Said:

    hey girl! let me know if you ever want to get together for lunch or a playdate for the little girls or something!–let me know quickly, though, b/c we’re moving back to the metroplex at the end of march. 🙂 i know it’s got to be hard for y’all to leave your life in abilene, but i know it won’t take you long to adjust here. i’m glad kaitlyn’s liking her school better.

  4. Erica Said:

    Sweet Leslie it is so good to see you and the girls on here. I know that we did not see each other often but I miss your smiling face. So glad to hear that the transition is going well. I had no doubt that Kaitlyn would hit the ground running and have a blast. Looks like you have already had a lot of great times together. We will be praying for all that the future holds for your family. Love you!

  5. Jennifer Said:

    Moving has to be hard, especially with kids and leaving the husband behind! I have enjoyed our time together and I love that ELise has Cora as a play mate. She thinks she is pretty special! So thanks for letting us become a part of your new Lubbock life! I pray that things start falling into place and things start making sense. I can’t wait to hear about your meeting!

  6. Allison Said:

    Hey Leslie, this is Allison Booth. I didn’t know ya’ll were in Lubbock now! We should do a playdate sometime soon!

  7. Sarah Brewer-Bigelow Said:

    Hey Girl!! I just found you again!! I cannot believe you guys are back here in Lubbock!!! Send me an email and let me know how to get ahold of you!! I would love to get our girls together!!

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